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MAC Code is a leading designer of computer system porn defense software application. The business's services work as a deterrent and guard dog, calmly spotting, tracking, logging, and if you pick, obstructing adult images from being shown on computer systems.


MAC Code is a simple to set up and easy to use software application that obstructs porn in web internet browsers.MAC Code obstructs porn from all sources (web internet browsers, e-mail, CD, DVD, and so on).


MAC Code Plus likewise consists of a complete variety of adult control functions: chat and IM tracking, Web time schedule, P2P stopping, other material classifications, and more ...


File Audit Center portable USB (thumb) drive that permits IT or HR supervisors to examine computer systems for unsuitable use and unapproved files storage.


MAC Code offers network broad administration and defense from porn.Our items are used anywhere you want to minimize the hazard of seeing porn: House. School, Library, Church, Business, Web coffee shop, and more .

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